Oh, no, that doesn’t sound right! Let’s look at typical reasons your offer might not show up as completed:

Not all rewards are instantaneous.

Some ad offer rewards appear in your currency account right away, but that’s not always the case. Depending on the offer type, your reward’s journey to your currency account can involve the advertiser, its measurement service, Tapjoy, your device, and the publisher of the game you’re playing. These steps don’t always happen in real-time. (For example, an advertiser may choose to send all of their offer completions data to Tapjoy in a big group instead of one-by-one as users complete the offers.) If you haven’t seen your reward after completing the offer, please submit a ticket and we’ll investigate.

Did you use the Tapjoy promotional link from the ad offer?

Make sure to use the link provided in the offer. If you used a different link or went independently to the advertiser’s website or an app download site, the advertiser won’t credit you for completing the offer through the Tapjoy promo link, which means we can’t credit you. (Advertisers usually run the same ad campaign across multiple channels and ad networks; when a user responds to the campaign, only one of the channels or ad networks will get credit.)

Did you open the new app and immediately quit, or exit, or shut off your device?

If you did, then you probably won’t get credited. The new app has to be open and running on your device, with a live online connection, for at least two minutes. Otherwise, it may not register in the advertiser’s system.

Did you reset your advertising ID, or enable “limit ad tracking,” mid-offer?

Whoops! If you reset your advertising ID after you click on the ad offer and before you complete the rest of the steps in the offer, then you might not get credited for completing the offer because the advertiser may think it’s a different device. (Turning on “limit ad tracking” midway has the same effect.) This is because the first step, viewing the ad, is marked with your device ID; if you reset it and go on to do more steps and complete the offer, then the advertiser’s system marks your new device ID as the one that completed the ad offer. The result is no credit. If this is what happened to you, make sure you tell our CS team and we’ll work to resolve it.

Please note that resetting your advertising ID over and over is a violation of Tapjoy policy. (Some users do this to try to get repeat access to a one-time offer.)

Did you get a new device?

Unfortunately, most app publishers do not allow you to transfer in-app progress on an offer (for example, an Android offer that asks you to play to Level 10 in an app) from the device you started on to a new device; please finish the offer using your old device.

Did you take too long to complete the ad offer?

Most offers must be completed within 7-14 days from when you click on the offer.

Did you break the rules?

Rule breakers cannot be credited for currency, and may instead receive a temporary suspension or permanent ban. Some examples:

  • Using VPNs to access ad offers that you aren’t eligible for (due to geographical or other restrictions)
  • Submitting fake “proof”
  • Resetting your device identifier repeatedly to bypass ad offer eligibility limitations (e.g., only available to new subscribers)
  • “Spamming” our customer support team by repeatedly sending tickets for the same issue
  • Being abusive to our customer support team or otherwise violating our User Terms of Service