Sometimes, Tapjoy CS may ask you for your Gamer ID / Player ID / Account ID  to help confirm your eligibility for an offer or to verify that you completed an offer. While we refer to it as your Gamer/Player ID, it’s also common for app publishers to call it your User Account, Account ID, or something similar. The Player ID (or Account ID) is the unique identifier that allows an advertiser or publisher to locate your game profile; for most publishers, it will be a series of letters and/or numbers. Alternatively, some publishers might use the email address associated with your Google Play or Apple Game Center account.

To locate your ID in most apps, start by looking in the app's settings menu > account or within your character profile.

Here are a few examples of how to locate your ID:


The Player ID can be located within the “Detail” section of your character profile (found by clicking on the circle icon with your character’s image inside):

Rise of Kingdoms:  Governor Profile

The Governor ID can be located within the “ Governor Profile” section. 

AFK Arena

You will find your user ID in the top right corner of the profile menu, as shown in the image below: 


You will find your ID within the Commander Profile > Online ID

Puzzles & Survival / Puzzles & Conquest

To find your account ID go to Settings > Account

Mech Arena

To find your Player ID - go to Settings > Profile 


Raid Shadow Legends

Click on the player's image in the left upper corner to get to Settings > Click on Info tab > Copy full Player ID
Please note that the format is:   UM + 8 digit number | 8 digit number 
Please provide Tapjoy only with the  2 sets of 8-digit numbers (No letters or signs)